Home Security Motor Siren


This motor siren produces a loud sound which can be heard in over two kilometers in an unobstructed area.

It is mainly used to deter intruders in homes, businesses, schools, and other places requiring enhanced security.

Product Description

siren is mains operated Areaspy Home Security Motor Siren

This Areaspy home security motor siren is the best security device for any homeowner.

The home security motor siren produces a loud sound that can be heard in over a kilometer in an unobstructed area.

Its mainly used in homes and businesses for emergency purposes.

Secondly, Being a motor type siren, it ensures fast start-up and smooth mode of operation.

Therefore the sound output remains constant even after long continuous operation.

Loud 110dB Sound Output

The siren produces a very high volume output with high penetrating power.

For this reason, it’s a good choice for very noisy environments, or where the sound is required for long distances.

The motor siren is perfect for home security and even in industries.

It’s used for warning in case of emergencies or change of shift.

Furthermore, its the only system that can operate in such harsh industrial conditions.

 Other Uses

It is mainly used to deter intruders in homes environments.

Also, it can be used in businesses to offer extra security.

Other uses include in schools, hospitals and other places requiring enhanced security warning sound which can cover large areas.

Construction & Operation

During manufacture, Very high-quality materials are used.

Because of its high-grade material construction, like aluminum and stainless steel.

This makes it resistant to weather elements like sun rain and even corrosive chemicals in industries.

Furthermore, pure copper windings are used for the electric motor.  This ensures smooth operations even for continued use.

Again, copper winding has perfect qualities as a conductor.

For this reason, the siren can be used for a long duration of time without overheating.

Further, the device is mains powered. It operates at 240 Volts AC.

Besides, The horn construction help to directs sound in one single direction.

Further, if you have an already existing alarm system, it can be integrated with this siren. This can either be as an upgrade or as a new replacement.

Again, the alarm system offers a means of controlling the siren.

Control can be either automatic or manual operation.

Key Features Home Security Motor Siren

  • Loud 110 dB Sound Output
  • 240 Volts Operation
  • Horn Type For Effective sound direction
  • Easy Wall Mount
  • Copper wound motor for smooth operation
  • Integrate with the existing alarm system

The Package Includes

  • One Piece Electric Motor Siren
  • User Manual

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