9 Reasons To Buy A Spy Camera For Home Use

reasons to buy a spy camera for home use

Nowadays, there are so many reasons to buy a spy camera for home use. There are also many instances of success stories on the use of spy cameras.

Some of this stories are so bizarre. Like this one of a Househelp Caught On Camera Breastfeeding Boss Baby.


With all this stories, you are left wondering, “what on earth” are this spy cameras and where can I use them.

In this article we will enlighten you on some of the most amazing areas that a spy camera can be put into use.

Listed here are 9 Reasons why you need to Buy a Spy Camera. we have also listed some bonus practical examples of how a spy camera can be deployed.

  1. For Home security
  2. To use as a nanny cam
  3. Office security
  4. Business security
  5. To catch a cheating spouse
  6. Monitor your housekeeper
  7. Watch your children
  8. Watch your pets
  9. Conduct an undercover investigation

1. Spy Camera For Home Security

home spy camera

There are many instances that you may require a third eye in your house. Probably you are travelling for a vacation and you are worried someone might break-in the house and vandalize your variables, or you are worried about your own security, a spy camera can be an invaluable investment.

With a spy camera secretly recording videos all along, any person who breaks in the house will never bother to look for a spy camera, and will have no information that all their activities are being monitored.

If you capture a video of a live breakage in your house, you can share the video with relevant authorities and have the culprits apprehended.

Other Instances where you may require a spy camera for home security

  • Record an in house breakage
  • Keep an eye on your variables in the house
  • See who comes to your house when you are not around
  • For your own personal security

2. To Use As a Nanny Cam

home spy camera
nanny spy camera

If you are a working mom, having a nanny or a house-help to look at your child when you are at work is a very big relief.

However, some of this nannies are new to us or we may not have a clear background information about them.

You may not trust your instincts, leaving them with your young child and you may want to keep an eye to see how they are doing when you are in the work place.

Nanny cameras or nanny cams are very important for keeping an eye on nannies, or house helps on their treatment to the children that they are entrusted.

With this devices not being detectable, they will be recording every event in the house.

If you notice any unwelcome behavior, you can talk this out this issue and
help her improve.

Here Are Other Instances Where a Nanny Camera Can Be of Great Benefit

  • check if the child has woken up when you are at work
  • check how the nanny is feeding the child
  • check if the child diapers are changed in time
  • want to see how the nanny prepares food in the kitchen

3. Spy Camera For Office Security

office spy camera

If you are concerned about your office security, want to record a office meeting conversation, or you want to record a workmate who has been mistreating you in your office, a spy camera can be your best bet.

Even though recording in the office might sound hard, with the best choice of spy camera, it can be really easy and fun.

Other instances where you may require a spy camera in the office

  • Curious to know who enters in your office when you are not around.
  • Want to record a secret meeting in the office environment
  • Want to record a video footage of a work colleague who has been mistreating or touching you inappropriately
  • Want to check on your employees productivity in open office

4. Spy Cameras For Business Security

shop spy camera

If you own a business there are numerous area where a spy camera can be put to use. Whether you want to catch shop lifters in your store, or want to check on employees with sticky hands, you can always count on a spy camera to be your best companion.

Reasons For Using a Spy Camera In A Business

  • To catch on shoplifters in a store
  • To check on employees productivity
  • To check on the sales area
  • General store security

5. Catch a Cheating Spouse

spy camera

If your spouse is the one with roving eyes, or maybe you are curious to know who is accompanying your partner after work, or who is coming to your house when you are not around, you can use a spy camera to investigate all doubts of conceivable disloyalty or unfaithfulness in a relationship.

When you have gathered enough evidence, you can decide ways to approach your partner.

6. Monitor Your Housekeeper

home spy camera
home spy camera

If you have a housekeeper, house cleaner doing cleaning chores in the house, or a contractor doing some repairs in the house, It may be wise to use a spy camera to keep an eye on every activity in the house, just in case you are not around and a person decide to help himself with some valuables.

In such cases,if something disappears, a video recording will help you produce enough evidence.

Instances Where You Need To Monitor Your Housekeeper

  • Want to monitor the progress of an ongoing work in the house
  • Keep in check employees with sticky fingers
  • Protect the valuables in the house

7. Watch Your Children

Home Spy Camera

There are instances that you wish if you had an upper hand in knowing what your children are up to.

  • You may want to know what your teenage girl is up to,
  • you may also be curious to know who is helping himself with extra burns in the kitchen,
  • or probably want to know which programs your children are watching when no one is around

if you are suspicious of this, a spy camera can be your best companion.

8. Want To Conduct an Undercover Investigation?

Spy Camera To Conduct an Undercover Investigation

If there is an undercover narcotics business that’s going on and you would like to investigate, or want to record individuals involved in corruption cases giving out bribes, a spy camera can be of great benefit and will help you to secretly record very high quality videos.

Instances that you may want to conduct an Undercover Investigation

  • You are an investigative journalist
  • You are a spy detective
  • Want to record an undercover narcotics business in the neighbourhood
  • Record secret business meetings
  • Record corrupt deals

9. Watch Your Pets

pet spy cameras

For pet enthusiast, you may want to know which pet soiled the carpet, which cat scratched the sofa or which dog is feeding on the dustbin, when no one is around the house, a hidden camera can be a nice and a funny way to catch this pets.

It is also a good way to record funny pet videos too.

So Regardless of whether you want to monitor your pets, to research a mishap or are simply inquisitive what they’re up to when nobody is near, a spy camera is an extraordinary method to watch your fuzzy relatives while you’re at work, away on vacation, or just out for the evening.

Where to buy Spy Cameras in Kenya

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We have highlighted above the key areas that may call for the use of spy camera.

The list act as a guide on areas where spy cameras can be applicable in real life situations.

However, the list is not limited there are numerous other uses not covered .

How are you using your spy camera today? drop a comment below.


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