How To Get a WiFi Hidden Camera On a Budget

What Is a WiFi Hidden Camera

WiFi hidden camera are spy cameras that are equipped with the ability to connect to WiFi networks.

This WiFi acts as a bridge which help to connect the spy camera device to the internet. It thus enable it to transmit live videos wirelessly to a smartphone, or an internet connected personal computer located anywhere in the world.

How To Identify a WiFi Hidden Camera

WiFi Hidden Camera like their relatives (the DVR cameras), are cleverly built into ordinary everyday objects.

This help to disguise the camera and make it impossible for anyone to detect the hidden camera lens.

When purchasing a WiFi Hidden Camera, details about its available features will be well indicated in the user manual.

In addition, when you purchase a WiFi Hidden Camera at www.areaspy.co.ke, we will guide you through all the product features and functionality, and to make sure what you buy fits in your intended application.

Features of a WiFi Camera

There are several features that will help you to identify a good WiFi Hidden Camera. from ease of connection, to the ease of use.

Here are some of the:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WiFi Camera.

  1. The video resolution should be of a good quality. The best is the high definition (HD 1080P)
  2. The device should blend well on the area that you want to monitor
  3. It should offer on motion recording
  4. It should operate on both battery power and mains power
  5. Have an option to record to an SD memory card for future retrieval
  6. The operation of the device should be simple
  7. It should connect to a smartphone or to a personal computer
  8. the smartphone app should be compatible to your operating system like android or ios
  9. The app should be user friendly to offer ease of use and easy to connect
  10. It should have the ability to connect to multiple users

Which Hidden Camera is the best?

WiFi Hidden Camera are built differently and they come with different features. some models are suited for certain situation, and some for others.
Its therefore hard to identify which is the best without taking into consideration of where the camera will be used.

To know which camera suits you best, first consider where you want to place it. Next make sure you have a working internet connection, you need this to be able to live stream. Check that the camera blends well with where you want to place it.

How To Set up

Its very easy to setup a WiFi Hidden Camera. This devices can be set up on phone or a computer. Some of latest models available today support connection through a smartphone app and its the easiest to setup, while the earlier models only support connection through a personal computer. This required an expert to configure the settings.

Nowadays, connection through a mobile app offers more features and functionality. They are also very easy to set up. Some models like the WiFi wall-clock camera, comes with a QR code sticker, which you need to scan to download the app and setup the settings automatically.

Network Requirement For WiFi Hidden Camera

For any WiFi Hidden Camera to function, it must be connected to a WiFi network.

Nowadays many homes offices are connected to a permanent internet access.

Setting up this gadgets in such facilities is easy, on the mobile app menu, select connect to network. Then search and select your network from the available options, put the required credentials, and the device will be ready for use. Once connected, you will be able to stream live videos automatically.

If however you are not connected to the internet, you can purchase a MiFi internet modem, and link it with the WiFi Hidden Camera.

Through this you will be able to enjoy all the feature and stream live videos directly to your phone from anywhere in the world.

Recording With WiFi Hidden Camera

The main aim of WiFi Hidden Camera is to offer live streaming of videos, so that you can be able to watch live on smartphone or computer.

However, WiFi Hidden Camera can also offer recording in several other ways.

  • You can record either in the inbuilt memory,
  • Record in a removable memory SD card,
  • Record on a smartphone, or
  • Record on cloud servers.

To watch the recorded videos, the best option is to remove the memory card, and play the files on a computer. You can decide to download and keep the footage or delete them all-together.

other models also offer ability to access the recorded videos from the app. meaning even if you didn’t watch live, You can access and download the videos on your phone through the mobile app.

Motion recording

WiFi camera are equipped with sensors which help detect movement in front of the camera lens. many of the new models of WiFi Hidden Camera offer on motion recording.

The feature can either be switched on/off from the app.

When this feature is enabled, the camera will only record when there is motion on the camera area of view.

This feature offer a lot of advantages which include,

  • Easier footage review
  • Saves on memory card space
  • Can send an email alert when motion is detected, prompting the user to login and view live. If anything calls for attention, you can act accordingly

Multiple WiFi Hidden Camera connection

If you have multiple WiFi Hidden Cameras in your house or office, Its possible to connect them to run on the same app.

Its very easy to add a new cameras on the app. So long as the camera is connected to a WiFi network and its online, you will be able to live stream.

Power Consumption of WiFi Hidden Camera

Depending on where you want to use the camera, you may choose either a battery or a mains powered type.

Battery powered type are applicable if you intend to record for a short duration may be a few hours.

They can be applicable in monitoring areas without electrical power, or when you need mobility.

However, the mains powered option is the most preferred. It offers continuous recording without worrying about power breakdown.

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Searching for a WiFi Spy Camera? Yet you don’t know what they entail.

The factors mentioned above will help you to make a sound decision when shopping for the best WiFi spy camera.


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