16 Reasons Why you Should Have A USB charger Spy camera In 2020

USB charger spy camera

The new Areaspy USB charger hidden spy camera is the most advanced spy camera of its class available today.

It combines all the elements of spy into an ordinary working phone USB charger which cleverly records videos in 1080P resolution.

With phone chargers being so common nowadays, no one will ever suspect this device for a hidden camera.

Compact, originality and nice design have been perfected to come up with this device.

16 Reasons Why you should choose a USB charger hidden spy camera

1 Record Videos in High Definition 1080P

The Areaspy USB charger hidden spy camera is equipped with a 2 Million Pixels camera that delivers very high-quality colored videos.

You can easily record every moment at clips clear high definition 1080P resolution.

2 Mains Powered Operation

You will never miss any moment with this camera. It’s powered directly from the mains offering protection day and night.

Just plug it in any socket, and it will start recording automatically.

3 WiFi Connectivity

One of the most advanced features of this USB charger hidden spy camera is the ability to connect to a wifi network.

Once connected, live videos can be streamed over the internet to a smartphone, or personal computer from anywhere in the world.

4 Easily Blends Into Any Environment

With phone USB chargers being so common both in homes and offices, no one will ever confuse this USB charger for a hidden spy camera.

It easily blends in any environment thrown to it.

It’s no wonder that this spy camera can be used almost anywhere without raising any alarm.

5 Night Vision

This USB charger hidden spy camera is equipped with high-quality night vision sensors.

It captures clear videos in both low light, and in total darkness, ensuring you always get well-lit video footage.

Don’t be afraid that the camera will give away because the infrared light it produces is not visible to the human eye.

6 Memory Card 128GB Recording

If you decide to use the camera somewhere without an internet connection, or probably you don’t want to watch live, the camera has a built-in SD memory card slot, it can accept memory card up to 128GB Capacity.

With this memory size, you can get up to two days of continuous recording, or several weeks or months on the motion recording mode.

Memory card recording is initiated automatically once the USB charger camera is plugged into the socket.

7 15 degrees Upward/ Downward lens movement

If you are worried if the camera will record the entire room in a low place socket, worry no more.
You can move the camera lens up and down 15 degrees.
This helps to adjust the lens to capture in the required area in case the power outlet socket is placed either too close to the floor,
or very high.

8 Works Like An Ordinary USB Charger

In addition to a hidden camera, this device is a real USB charger.

The charger outputs 5 volts at 2 Amperes which is the standard for charging most devices. Use it to charge your smartphone on the go.

You can also carry the charger when going on business trips. Use it to record in your hotel room, just to make sure your valuables are safe.

9 motion-activated recording

The USB charger hidden spy camera has very advanced motion detection sensors.

It is triggered by the slightest of movements and will record videos automatically at full HD 1080P resolution.

The main advantage of this feature is appreciated when accessing the recorded videos since each video is saved separately, it is very easy to go through all the recordings.

It also helps to save memory space on the memory card.

10 Date And Time Stamp

Each video that’s saved in the memory card has a time and date stamp.

With this, you can know the exact date and time when the recording was saved.

This makes it easy to access the videos. You can either sort them with the specific date, or you can just go to a specific time, and review what was recorded.

11 Easy to Use

The USB hidden spy camera is built with simplicity at heart. It does not require much learning to master how to use this camera.

Simply insert a memory card into the device, plug it in a socket, and its all ready and recording.

This comes in handy when you want to set up the camera quickly without the worry that you might skip a step.

12 Play Back Videos on PC

The recorded videos from this device can be played in any pc.

To access these videos, simply unplug from a power source, remove the memory card and insert it in a card reader provided.

Slot it to a personal computer.

You will require a VLC media player to play the videos.

13 Complete covert operation

This device Captures high-quality footage without raising suspicion.

There is no sound or light to give itself away

This compact device has a low profile design that doubles as a standard phone charger.

It’s very easy to hide in plain sight and monitor your home or office without being detected.

14 Control On Mobile App

To fully enjoy the rich features of this device, download an app from the play store or apps store.

Easily control all the features of this camera from an easy to use mobile app.

Some of the benefits of using the app include,

  • Ability to stream live video footage, zoom on a live play, take screenshots and many other great features.
  • You can also easily download recorded videos to a smartphone and play them in the app.

15 Overwrite/ Loop Recording

With this mode, when the camera is recording on a memory card, it will automatically overwrite old video footage when the memory card is full.

The recording process will continue, erasing the previously recorded material and replacing it with the new content.

This way, you will never miss a moment due to the lack of recording space.

16 Email Notification

If you wish to get notified each time the camera starts recording, then this mode comes in handy.

In the motion detection mode, The device will send an email notification each time it detects motion in the area of view.

When you get the notification, you can log in and view the activities.

If anything warrants you to take action, you can either record on phone, take a screenshot, or you can alert the authorities.


If you are looking for an easy to use USB spy camera that can operate in just about in the situation, then the Areaspy USB charger hidden spy camera is a perfect choice.

It packs a ton of features, ensuring you get everything you would wish in a spy camera.

Get it on our online shop at www.areaspy.co.ke


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