Speaker Spy Camera With Rotatable Lens

If you have never heard of a portable Bluetooth speaker spy camera before, you are definitely not alone.

Bluetooth speaker spy cameras are rather new in the market,
They are also uncommon devices since there is an element of secrecy surrounding them.

It’s because of this reason that people who want to install these cameras will most probably never talk openly about them.

However, that’s what they are meant for. A hidden camera is meant to provide security in homes, offices, and many other sensitive areas.

It has to be achieved without raising an eye of the existence of any recording device on the area being monitored.

This type of service cannot be achieved with conventional CCTV cameras.

Its where the speaker spy camera comes to play.

There are many instances that you may require a speaker hidden camera, they may include,

  • monitoring your house help,
  • keeping an eye on your children,
  • or monitoring your offices while you’re away.
Video showing several applications of Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Spy Camera

Areaspy Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera

The areaspy speaker hidden camera is an advanced spy camera that combines both stealth and style.

It’s so effective because it combines a fully functional Bluetooth speaker and a completely hidden WiFi spy camera.

whats more?, the device features a hidden 2 megapixel HD camera that captures colored videos at a high resolution.

It also connects to the internet through wifi connection allowing you to transmit live videos wirelessly to a smartphone or an internet-connected PC.

These allow you to view and monitor your property and your loved-ones live from anywhere in the world.

Bluetooth speaker spy camera with a hidden spy camera
Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera

Another new and interesting feature is you can rotate the camera lens around up to 330 degrees from the app.

This is a new feature in spy cameras and enables you to rotate the camera lens and have a clear view of all corners of a room.

It is also a nice feature if you intend to monitor a large room since a single camera can be deployed to do the task.

You can also zoom in and out a video while on a live play enabling you to focus on details every part of the video.

If you need to access the recorded footage later, you can record videos in a memory card up to 128GB giving you enough space to record continuously for almost two weeks.

How to quickly access speaker spy camera remotely?

To remotely access a speaker spy camera video footage remotely,

you don’t have to worry about what happens when you are offline, the recorded files can simply be downloaded via the app.

Easily set up and control all the camera features through a free easy to use mobile app activate motion detection and receive live email notification alert when motion is detected.

Its also worth noting that in some situations, it’s wise to leave the Speaker Spy Camera to record in the motion detection mode.

Since the camera will only record in instances when movement is detected, It will help to save on the memory card space, and it will be much easier to access the recorded files instead of long continuous footage.

Each video file saved on the sd card will have a date and time-stamped further easing the time required to process the videos.

Advantages of Speaker Spy Camera

  1. Streams 1080P HD Live Color Video
  2. Hidden Camera Lens Rotates 330 Degrees
  3. Works as Functional Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Night Vision Allows Camera to See in Dark
  5. Battery or AC Powered Operation
  6. Record Video to Micro SD up to (128GB Max)
  7. Motion Alerts Notify You of any Activity
  8. Two Way Audio Push to Talk Via App
  9. Zoom in live play
  10. Access and Download previously recorded files on the app
  11. Date and time stamp on saved video footage files
  12. Change the camera resolution on app
  13. Mix and Match Compatible WiFi Camera
  14. Schedule recording only for certain times on the app
  15. 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support

Streams 1080P HD Live Color Video

The Areaspy speaker spy camera is packed with a 2 Million Pixels HD camera which captures clips clear videos at high definition.

Rotating camera lens

The speaker camera lens can be rotated up 330 degrees ensuring a complete view of your home or office.

To achieve this, the device must be connected to the app.

To rotate the camera lens just swipe the screen from left or right.

There is no sound that is produced when the camera is rotating thus it cant give itself away.

Works as a functional Bluetooth speaker

Connect the speaker camera with Bluetooth and you can enjoy your sweet music all while recording high definition videos.
The camera support recording while playing music.

Night vision support

The camera is equipped with night sensors that allow the camera to record in the dark.

The quality of the recorded videos is very clear even in complete darkness.

It can capture images up to six meters in total darkness.

Battey or AC powered

The Speaker Spy camera can either be powered with a rechargeable battery or directly record while connected to the mains power socket.

The battery capacity is 3000mAh and can power the camera continuously for 5-6 hours

The camera can be connected directly from the socket using a two-meter USB cord, and record videos comfortably without overheating.

The battery can be used to support the camera in case of a power failure.

Memory SD Card Support

In case you want to use the camera in an area without internet connectivity, don’t worry.

The Speaker Spy camera can still capture videos and record in a memory card.
The camera can record to a memory card up to 128GB.

This memory capacity is enough to record videos continuously for more than two weeks when switched to motion detection mode.

Motion Detection Mode

When the motion detection feature is enabled, the camera will record only when motion is detected in front of the camera area of view.

The camera will then be switched back to standby mode when the movement is gone.

The camera can also be set to send a notification each time it detects motion. you can then login and view what triggered the camera.

If anything warrants your action, you can either notify the authorities, take a screenshot, or record a video proof.

Two-way audio Communication

The speaker camera is equipped with a microphone and can be used as a two-way communication device.
You can, for example, talk to your nanny reminding her to warm food for the kid.

zoom in live play

when viewing live videos on the app, you can zoom in to get a close look at fine details.

Access SD Card on the app

Through the camera app, you can access previously recorded videos from the sd card on the device.

  • you can download them to watch on a smartphone.
  • Easily check on used memory, and remaining capacity
  • You can also format the sd card fast all from the app.

Date and time stamp

when the speaker spy camera has been recording for several days, the number of saved video files becomes many. In normal circumstances, it will be hard to review all the files without a date or timestamp.

To ease this the speaker camera stamps a date and time on every video file.

This simplifies the work of reviewing the videos since one can comfortably access video files quickly, through the time or date that it was recorded.

Change the camera resolution from the app

With the speaker spy camera, you can comfortably change the camera resolution from the app. you can switch between several resolutions from 720–HD1080P

High resolution offers clear images with a lot of details

When you increase the resolution, it will consume more space on the memory card.

Higher resolution also requires more bandwidth, and if you are using mobile data to view the videos, it might mean more data consumption.
It all depends on the user.

Mix and match compatible wifi camera models

all our cameras run from the same app.

If you have cameras for different areas, you don’t need to download an app for each, simply add them from the app.

You can add up to 10 cameras
However, you will be able to access one camera at a time for live streaming.

Schedule recording

If you want to record videos only for specific times, you can benefit from this feature. When enabled, It enables you to record only at preset times

For example, you can set the camera to record from 0700Hrs-1000Hrs
This helps in case you want to record activities that happen at specific times.

1 Year Warranty

We trust our quality products Buy with confidence and benefit from our one-year limited warranty offer for all cameras purchased from us.
You also qualify for a lifetime technical support and upgrades.

Where can I buy a Speaker Hidden spy camera

You can buy a speaker hidden spy camera at our online shop www.areaspy.co.ke.

Choose between two unique models

  1. Areaspy Bluetooth speaker HD 1080P WiFi spy camera
  2. HD 1080P WiFi Cylinder speaker Hidden Spy Camera.

Conveniently pay through cash or M-Pesa in our shop.

You can also have your speaker spy camera delivered anywhere in Nairobi and pay on delivery.

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