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Why should you rent a Spy nanny camera?

You qualify for a spy camera rental program for a long list of situations, including the following:

  • Getting evidence of a cheating spouse
  • Monitoring house help on their treatment to children
  • To record special undercover meetings
  • monitoring your business
  • Monitoring a nursing home
  • monitoring your office
  • Home security surveillance 
  • Watching over dependents and their caregivers
  • Witnessing theft
  • and countless other uses!

With our spy camera rental program here at Areaspy Kenya, you can rent our products with a discounted flat rate. If you’d like to rent one of the products from our website, please call us at 0701626922 or visit us at our offices along Thika Road, on Blessed House Business Center 3rd Floor Room 306D.

How do I Rent a Spy Camera?

It’s very simple to rent a Spy Camera.

To start renting, you have to choose a model from our website, or visit our offices and choose the model that suits your application. 

A deposit equal to the product price must then be paid. 

The rental cost is calculated at a flat rate for the first week, ie(Ksh5000),  and then at a lower rate for subsequent days.(Ksh1000)  per day
When the product is returned in perfect condition with all its packing materials, a refund of the deposit will be issued, minus the rental cost.

The first rental week begins from the day after you signed for the rental product.

If the camera is returned back in our offices on the 8th day after the rental week starts, then the deposit will be refunded minus the first week rental cost Ksh5000 

If the camera is shipped back after the 8th day, then an additional Ksh1000 will be charged for each subsequent day. We count the final rental day as the day the product is returned.

The rental camera is issued with everything you need to operate it. If you choose to keep the memory card, the price of the card will also be deducted from your deposit.

Since the first week rental cost is Ksh 5000 and the subsequent day cost is Ksh1000, if the combined cost will equal or exceed the cost of the deposit, when this happens, you may keep the product, as it will then count as an official purchase.

NB: The camera is tested before its issued, and must be returned in the same perfect working condition, without any signs of breakages, and with all packaging materials.



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