Kamisafe KM-7671 Rechargeable Emergency Lamp.

Introducing this beautiful, rechargeable LED lighting system with 4 tube lights (one on each of the four corners). Can light all four together, or two at a time, as preferred. AC (240V) or solar rechargeable (6-12V,0.5A DC). A USB output enables charging of mobile phones etc by the 4000Amh sealed battery. Up to four hours between charges. Light can hang up, as needed.

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Kamisafe KM-7671 Rechargeable Emergency Lamp Characteristics

  • The Rechargeable Emergency Lamp is a Built-in Lead-Acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance, with a high capacity of 4000mAH; a long life span can be used circularly 500 times above.
  • Using environmental and super brightness white color SMD LED, the life span can reach 100,000h; low power consumption, 50pcs LED only consume 5W; it can work 4H,100pcs LED consume 10w, it can work 2H
  • Turn on the rotatory switch, you can choose the 50pcs lighting or 100pcs lighting according to push the three gears to switch, also can be free to adjust led brightness with a rotatory switch by turning on/off or in clockwise/anticlockwise rotation.
  • The Rechargeable Emergency Lamp can meet all kinds of digital electronic products, The charge and discharge time depends on the different brands on the markets;
  • The Rechargeable Emergency Lamp is attached with DC power input port, it can compatibly use solar panel charge or charger and the lamp has polarity protection function;
  • The Rechargeable Emergency Lamp has an emergency function and is the best choice of an emergency light in all kinds of outdoor recreation, fieldwork, home, and market.

Rechargeable Emergency Lamp Instructions:

  • When charging, rotate the switch to”OFF” and insert the one end of the eight-character round AC power cord into the charging seat models, insert another end into the AC110 ~ 240V/50 ~ 60Hz power source socket, the relevant charging indicator light is on, it takes about 9 hours for the full charge.
  • If adopt solar energy charging, the output parameters are voltage 6-12V, current 0.5A. It costs about 8h for a full charge.
  • If adopt power socket charging, the parameters are voltage 6V, current 0.5A. It costs about 8h for a full charge.
  • When using AC or DC port charging, open the rotatory switch, all the led light is off, but the lamp has an emergency function, it will automatically lighten when suddenly power lost
  • Using USB charging output function, turning the knob switch to ON, USB power cord plugs products USB socket, the other end plug in to charge digital products, should be screw knob switch to OFF after use.




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