Preventing Child Abuse from House Help

Preventing child abuse is a very integral role that any parent or guardian should undertake in this day and age.

There are many reasons why child abuse occurs. Some of them are open while others are very hidden.

Below I will share with you some tips on preventing child abuse from your child’s nanny or caregiver.

well, it was a long day of stress at work and you went home just to find out that your housekeeper hasn’t finished her scheduled tasks for the day.

This leads to a major inconvenience and you can’t help but reprimand her for lack of time management!

The following days seem fine until you see bruises and scratches on your child.

You cringe at the thought that the closest suspect responsible for the child’s scratches is your nanny.

This could be a signal of child abuse. Preventing child abuse measures at this point should come into play.

Do we need to immediately blame her for it? How can we know that the maid abused the child?

With all the rumors and terrible news of children being abused by their caretakers nowadays, we understand the parents’ concern and doubts about their nanny’s honesty.

Ensuring our children’s safety while we are away is important.

Below I share tips on how to know if your child is really being abused and the preventive measures you should undertake.

Preventing child abuse tips

Where did the scars come from?

First and foremost, we need to ask ourselves this question.

Some children tend to injure themselves while playing in a place we forbade them to go.

In fear of being lectured by their parents, these children usually put the blame to the easiest party — the nanny.

How can we know if the child is abused by your maid?

1. Physical injuries

There is a way to identify if the injury was due to an accident or inflicted by someone.

Injuries, cuts, and burns that have a pattern such as, a straight line, or a circle are usually signs that they were hit or abused.

If you see bizarre marks like this on your child, then he is most likely abused by your housekeeper.

2. Look for Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) signs

SBS occurs when a young child’s head was violently shaken or their heads are impacted.

SBS signs are rigidity, tremors, irritability, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, poor feeding, difficulty staying awake.

It can occur to infants or even older toddlers.

If mothers are suspecting their nannies, we encourage them to look out for these signs before taking sides.

In addition, be involved in our child’s day to day activities like giving a bath or changing the child’s clothes so you can see telltale marks on the body.

Furthermore, we must know our kids well. Some children are just clumsy they always fall and hurt themselves while playing.

Other children also get the attention of their parents by whining on the slightest scratch.

Is our child like this? If he seldom gets scratches and if he continues having complaints, then it must be time for us to pay special attention in their relationship with their nanny.

Preventing child abuse should be a daily initiative. You should monitor your child closely.

Preventing child abuse: How do we prevent the abuse from happening?

Prevention is better than cure!

While we are in good terms with our nannies and the child is getting along well with them, we may like taking different precautions before all the abuse happen.

Preventing child abuse initiatives

1. Install a CCTV camera

Cameras will be our eyes in our homes when we are away at work.

We may want to monitor what’s going on in the house in our absence and hidden cameras would be a great help.

We suggest installing them in the children’s room, living room, and kitchen. This will let you monitor your nanny’s activities.

2. Make surprise visits

Abuse usually happens when parents are in tight schedules at their workplaces.

An unannounced visit to the house will keep us informed on the happenings when we’re not at home.

You can try alternate visits with your husband to observe the daily happenings.

3. Warn the helper

This is the first preventive measure you should take towards preventing child abuse. However, do this in a humane manner.

A warning to the nanny is a huge step in preventing abuses from happening while we are away.

We can tell her the ways that work to make the child behave and add tips about how to win the child.

A quick word with her about the consequences will more likely make her think twice about hurting the kids.

4. Treating the nanny right

The problem usually roots to the employer’s relationship with the nanny.

If we treat her well, chances are our family will receive the same treatment from the helper.

With these tips, we hope that preventing child abuse will be a simpler and easier initiative.

We hope that you will be able to protect your child from abuse in the coming days.

We wish your family gets along well with the nanny.

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Preventing child abuse is about you. Kindly share this post with your friends and family. A comment below is welcome as well.


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