Brightest Rechargeable LED Flashlight Torch

led rechargeable flashlight torch

A Portable Handheld Flashlight With Strong light, Is your best companion in the dark. Built Handy For Indoor & Outdoor Long-range Illumination.

Used Mainly In Home Security, 

For In cars Incase of Breakdown & Repair, 

Used By Security Personnel’s 

In Camping, Safari Walk, Search & Rescue, among others.

What’s more, This Torch would Make For The Best Heartwarming Gift Item For Your Loved Ones Back In The Rural Areas 


bright flashlight torch

This superbright handheld LED flashlight torch delivers a bright 6000 lumens light, enough to light even the darkest corners. Aided by a high lumen’s latest generation XHP50 LED chip bead.

With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you are assured of a long service from this flashlight.

The LED generates an ultra-high output light burst of up to 6000 lumens with a continuous output brightness for up to 10 hours.

led flashlight torch

Made of military grade aluminum alloy and rubber for durability, and packed with a high capacity 18650 lithium battery, it produces Light power that can be projected up to 1000 meters away.

Its suitable for homes use, in car, camping, hiking, great for your next safari or other outdoor activities.

led rechargeable flashlight

Choose between 5 adjustable Modes whichever meets your requirements namely, High Brightness, Medium Brightness, Low Brightness, Strobe and SOS.


bright flashlight torch

This flashlight gets the right amount of light focused whenever and wherever you need it. Zoom Focus to a specific target,
or zoom out to illuminate your entire surroundings for better and wider visibility.

flashlight torch charging cable cord

Equipped with the latest technology, it’s Safe & Easy to Charge the Flashlight through the powerful build-in DC3.5mm charge port which allows a convenient recharge of the tactical flashlight. It also incorporates a built-in over-charger protection chip which disconnects charging power when the battery is fully charged.

led flashlight batteries

No, power no problem, conveniently use normal AAA size alkaline batteries to power the flashlight as a replacement for 18650 Li-Ion battery. The package includes an adapter which can hold 3 AAA size batteries.

led flashlight rechargeable battery

Get even more lighting time with an extra battery, always keep it charged when going on a safari, camping expedition or when storing the flashlight, it will help to keep the batteries in peak working condition making sure it will be ready anytime when you need it.

A great choice, for homes during emergency power outage blackouts, home repair, on the dark illumination maintenance, or even handy when looking for dropped item under the couch.



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