Factors To Consider When Buying A Spy Camera

Want to buy a spy camera? then this article may be worth reading, it has all the factors to consider when buying a spy camera.

The article will help you buy the best spy camera that will suit all your needs.

It details a step by step guide on the factors to consider when buying a spy camera.

When you are searching for a spy camera online, you will notice that the online market is flooded by many hundred types of spy cameras.

Therefore, what specifically do you have to look for when looking forward to buying a spy camera?.

You should compare the fallowing options along with your own product expectation, and opt for the merchandise that matches your expectations.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Spy Camera

  • Video resolution
  • Night vision support
  • motion detection
  • support for web association
  • Smart phone app support
  • memory capability
  • Power needs
  • Durability
  • Blending

spy camera Video Resolution

Resolution refers to the amount of data that a spy camera lens can capture. resolution is measured in pixels.

In simple terms, the more the pixels the more the data a lens can capture, and the look of the image will be more realistic and smooth.

When looking for factors to consider when buying a spy camera, resolution is of great importance.

It will be of importance just in case you wish to zoom the image to view more details. A video with more resolution will have a lot of details and it’ll not loose quality when zooming.

Why You Should Opt For A Spy Camera With High Resolution

Factors To Consider When Buying A Spy Camera
image showing different camera resolution settings
  • More pixels offer a much bigger output pictures which might even be viewed in bigger screen
  • The output image quality is extremely clear
  • Provide the power to zoom the image
  • They are excellent for instances that you just need to take on video screen shots
  • It provides you with the power to acknowledge small details within the captured image like color,and the lighting condition
  • If you intend to use the captured videos for sharing on social media, it must have a good resolution.

Night vision support

Choose a spy camera with night vision support to increase security in your home or business.

Night vision refers to the power of a spy camera to capture images in low light condition, or in total darkness.

For a spy camera to support this options, it should be equipped with the correct sensors to assist it to differentiate between day and night conditions.
This includes, image sensors, and infrared lights to illuminate within the darkness.

The infrared lights fitted in spy cameras operate in a special spectrum of light that’s not visible to the human eye, however, the camera can accommodate that light spectrum, and can record crystal clear video, even in total darkness.

spy camera night vision mode

Advantages Of Night Vision Spy Cameras

  • Capture high quality videos in low light, and in total darkness
  • The infrared light is invisible to the human eye, so no one will know if they are being monitored or discover the spy camera

Motion Detection

Factors To Consider When Buying A Spy Camera
image showing motion detection features of spy camera

A motion detecting spy camera is one that may be activated by detecting motion within the monitoring area.

The camera is always on standby mode,and once it senses motion, it automatically starts recording.

Some models, like the wall-clock camera,can alert you by sending an email. Then you know there are some activities. You can then login and see whats happening in real time.
This feature is just for models connected to the internet.

The camera will stops recording and gets back to a standby mode once there is no motion detected.

For every instance of motion, a video is recorded and saved.
Later, you’ll be able to playback the video and see what happened.

Advantages Of Motion Detecting Spy Cameras

  • Saves battery power this feature is extremely necessary to the categories of cameras using battery power. since the camera wont be recording continuously, until motion is detected.
  • Saves memory space- since the camera records only when there’s motion, it means that there’s a big saving on recording space on the memory card.
  • Easier to retrieve recorded video files-Since there’s a time and date stamp on every video.

support for internet connection

There are some spy camera types which can connect to the internet, either through wifi, or through Ethernet port.

Once connected, a user needs to create an account. This will be used to access the camera video footage online.

If you want to access live video footage, you just need to login into that account either on a personal computer, or a smartphone.

Advantages Of Web Connected Spy Camera

  • Once connected, video footage are often accessed from anywhere in the world
  • They are quick to setup, and don’t require skilled personnel for installation
  • Internet connected spy camera are often accessed from multiple devices from different locations
  • They support cloud storage hence no problem with memory card filling up, and you will always have your recording whenever you need it.

Smart Phone App Support

a speaker spy camera with wifi connection support
A Bluetooth speaker spy camera with smartphone support

Even if a camera connects to the internet like the one explained above, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can connect to a smartphone.

To connect to a smartphone, one need to download an application. Application can either be android or ios hence one need to know before hand the operating system of the smartphone and then buy a spy camera that is compatible.

Each model with smartphone support comes with its own app and more information will be provided on the user manual on how to download and install these application.

Advantages Of Spy Camera With Smartphone Connectivity

  • It offers mobility and one can access live video footage from an internet connected device from anywhere in the world
  • Easy set up-its very easy to set up and operate this type of spy cameras. just download and install the app, then the app will prompt you in an easy step by step process until the device is connected.
  • Some devices even come with a QR code which once you scan the settings are configured automatically.
  • Through the app, the spy camera can be connected to various users and they can all access live videos simultaneously.
  • The use of mobile app is secure and can be further secured through a strong password.

Memory Capacity

sd memory card
a memory card used for storing data in spy cameras

Even though memory is not a big issue on the internet connected devices, in the standalone spy cameras which relay on SD memory card storage, memory capacity is a big factor to consider, since all the captured data is stored in the sd card.

The larger the memory, the bigger the video files that can be stored before the memory fills up.

Some models comes with fixed internal memory and cannot be expanded, while others come with a sd card slot and the memory can be expanded.

the main advantages of a big memory capacity is,it aid in the storage of video files for future access.

Power requirements

spy camera usb charger
spy camera usb charger and insert card reader

A power source is the energy that a spy camera require to perform its operation.

Power source can either be battery powered or mains powered.

It can also combine both mains and battery operation

Many Portable spy cameras contain rechargeable battery, If you want the camera to operate for long duration on battery, its good to choose a model with a big capacity battery.

Durability Of Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are usually made of high quality materials. with good care many of them can last for years with continuous use. If however you need a spy camera for special applications, or maybe you want a type that will be exposed to the weather elements,Choose a spy camera model with good manufacture material to be able to handle such conditions.

Blending A Spy Camera

wall-clock spy camera
blending a wall-clock spy camera to the house environment

Finally, Select a spy camera that will blend well with your target environment. you should pay attention on color, shape, and size.

Choose a type that will blend well with wherever you intend to place the gadget. Some spy camera models will work well in some areas, but will not be good in others.


With the influx of so many models of spy cameras, the factors to consider when buying a spy camera discussed above will help you to make a sound decision on what to look for when purchasing a hidden spy camera.

Still cant find a spy camera matching your needs? Don’t worry.

We can built a custom made camera from almost any everyday items to suit any application.

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