CCTV Installation Price In Details Guide

There are very many factors affecting CCTV installation price.

Normally, the price for a professional CCTV installation will vary
greatly depending on the type of system being installed, and the total number of cameras in the system.

To shine more light on CCTV installation price, we will look at all the factors to consider when undertaking a CCTV installation project.

10 Factors To Consider When Evaluating CCTV Installation Price

  1. The size of the premises
  2. Type of CCTV camera
  3. The number of CCTV cameras
  4. Wired or wireless
  5. Memory storage
  6. Remote Live access
  7. Professional install or a Do It Yourself (DIY)
  8. Monitored or un-monitored
  9. Power backup
  10. System Security

The size of the premises

This is perhaps the very first factor to consider when you want to calculate the CCTV installation price.

The bigger the premises, the more the cameras that will be required to cover the whole area.

In a nutshell, when you evaluate the size of your premises, you will be able to calculate the exact cost of all the items required for a complete CCTV installation.

Type of CCTV camera To Be Installed

Depending on the resolution required, you may opt for High Definition (HD) cameras, or the ordinary lower resolution types.

However, HD cameras are more expensive but their image output clarity is the best.
You also need to decide if you want night vision or not.

Another factor to consider when choosing a camera is the distance it can capture in meters. This is usually of importance
when selecting cameras for external installations.

Factors To consider When Choosing A CCTV Camera

  • Camera resolution
  • Day and night vision
  • Size of the lens
  • Distance it can capture in meters
  • Image requirement either colored or black and white
  • Movable vs fixed lens
  • Mounting accessories for overhanging cameras
  • Physical and environmental protection

The Number of CCTV Cameras In The Installation

The number of cameras in the system will directly affect the cost of installation. The more the cameras, the more expensive the installation will be.

In addition, if a system have so many cameras, One can consider going for IP type rather than the analogue of CCTV camera.

Wired or wireless CCTV System

CCTV cameras can further be classified as either wired or wireless, depending on the way they transfer video signal to the control unit.

Wireless cameras have more added features to enable them to transmit video data wirelessly.

For this reason, they are more expensive as compared
to the wired type.

CCTV Hard Disk Memory Storage

When purchasing a digital video recorder for a CCTV system, the memory unit is usually sold separately.

If you require long duration of backup, you go for high capacity hard disk.
The cost of this storage disk vary with the capacity. The bigger the storage capacity, the more expensive it is.

CCTV Remote Video Access

If you require to have a live access for CCTV footage, The CCTV system must be connected the internet.
This therefore means, there must be a permanent source of internet connection at all times.

In remote areas, internet can be accessed through the use of wireless GSM routers.

Professional installation or a DIY (Do It Yourself Kit)

Consider if you require the CCTV installation to be done by a professional or you want to do it yourself.

Monitored or Un-monitored CCTV System

A monitored system is the one that entails an around the clock monitoring.

Monitored systems are important in organisations like, shopping malls & supermarkets where continuous surveillance is required at all times.

If you would like your CCTV to be monitored on a 24/7 basis, consider hiring a person or a company for the task.

This will however increase the CCTV installation cost and should be factored in accordingly.

CCTV Power backup System

For an interrupted operation of a CCTV system, a power backup is a must.

A CCTV power backup will power the system in times of power outage.
Power backup systems also prevent the electronic equipment against electrical power surge which could otherwise damage them.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Security

To secure data on a CCTV system, the DVR must be housed in a secure enclosure. This ensures that no one tampers in any way with the system.

Usually, ready made metal enclosures are available & comes with a lock and key. This are usually good for small installations.

For big installations which could have many equipment’s and a lot of cables, a custom made enclosure is usually preferred.

Commonly Asked Questions About CCTV Installation Price

To better understand about CCTV installation cost, we will answer some of the mostly asked questions regarding CCTV.

How much does it cost to install A CCTV?

The cost of installing a CCTV camera can be from a few hundred shillings to thousands of shilling.

Price usually vary depending on many factors. This factors may change from one installation to another.
Some Of This factors include;

  • The size of the premises where you intend to install CCTV camera
  • The type of CCTV camera you intend to install
  • The number of CCTV cameras that will be installed in the system
  • Whether the cameras will be Wired or wireless
  • The size of the Memory storage
  • Do you want to have a Remote Live access?
  • Installation costs, consider if the CCTV system is a Professional install or a DIY (Do It Yourself) installation
  • If the CCTV will be Monitored or un-monitored
  • Power backup
  • Overall System Security

What is required to install CCTV?

To install a basic CCTV system, there are a number of thing you require.
This include;

  • CCTV Camera
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Hard Disk Drive for storage
  • Power Supply for CCTV Camera
  • CCTV Cable
  • BNC Connectors
  • DC Connectors

How Much Money Is a Security Camera?

The cost of a security cameras vary from one type to the other.
In Kenya you can get a security camera with as low as Ksh 1000 and as high as many thousands of shillings.

The main factors affecting the cost of security cameras include;

  • Resolution of the camera measured in pixels
  • Image quality Colured or black and white
  • size of the lens
  • Night vision features
  • Physical protection features againist elements like sun and rain
  • rotating vs fixed lens

How can I use a CCTV Camera?

The main uses of CCTV is in the security field.

However, the way CCTV is used differ from one application to another.
Application can either be in homes, businesses, schools or for personal use.

  • CCTV camera can also be used by investigators to record illegal drug trades, or other serious crimes.
  • Journalist use CCTV cameras to record undercover videos.
  • Security CCTV can be used for spy applications to spy on cheating partner.
  • Capturing video for fun. CCTV can be used to record funny videos of people or animals which can be shared on social media.
  • Use CCTV to catch on shoplifters in businesses.


As seen, CCTV Installation Cost can be affected by many factors.

Its therefore good to put into consideration each of them into account so as to achieve the best security system at the best price.

At Areaspy, We offer the best CCTV installation services. We can do professional CCTV installation at a very competitive price.

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