CCTV Installation Guide The Ultimate Checklist

If you’re concerned about your security, A CCTV installation guide is the first step in securing your family and property.

What Are The Requirements For CCTV Installation?

Like all successful projects, a CCTV installation project requires planning to ensure that you have everything at hand. It also ensures the CCTV installation project will be completed in time without incurring huge unplanned expenses.

Requirements For CCTV Installation

  1. CCTV cameras
  2. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  3. Hard disk
  4. DC Power Supply
  5. DC Power Connectors
  6. CCTV Cables
  7. BNC Cable Connectors
  8. Termination Boxes
  9. Cable Clips/ Conduits / flexible conduits
  10. Display Unit
  11. Power Backup System for Uninterruptible operation
  12. Power Source
  13. Secure Housing For DVR

In this article we shall look into details at each of the above items.
Further, we will touch on the factors to consider when choosing each item for a new CCTV Installation.

CCTV Camera

CCTV Installation in Kenya

A CCTV Installation guide cannot commence without first mentioning the eye of the whole system. ‘the CCTV camera’.
The CCTV Camera is very essential and a CCTV system is incomplete without it.

Function Of A CCTV Camera

The camera captures the images and convert them into an electric signal which is transmitted through a cable to a monitoring station.

There are different types of cameras. Each is designed to work in different conditions.

Therefore, for a CCTV installation guide its good to mention the factors to consider when choosing a CCTV camera.

Factors to consider when choosing the right CCTV Camera for A New CCTV Installation.

  • Clarity of the image required
  • Lighting conditions of the area to be monitored
  • Size of the area to be monitored
  • Exposure to weather conditions

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

CCTV Installation in Nairobi

The DVR serves as the control for the whole CCTV system. It coordinates all this processes with the aid of a DVR software.

The DVR accept analogue signal fro the cameras and converts it to a digital signal for analyzing and storage.

It also hold a computer hard disk for storage of the recorded data.
A DVR is a very cost effective way of setting up your CCTV.

Modern DVRs can also be configured with the internet for remote live viewing, and data access.

Advantages Of A Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

  • Digital Storage of data (saves more data in a small memory space)
  • Allows remote monitoring of live video feeds on an internet enabled device like a smartphone
  • Offers security for stored videos through password encryption
  • Playback of recorded videos

CCTV Video Storage Hard Disk Drive

CCTV hard disk drive

A hard disk is used for continuous storage of CCTV video files. The hard disk is housed inside a DVR.
Normally, hard disk comes in various storage capacities, and are sold separate from the DVR.

Common capacities include 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and so on.
Most of the commonly used hard disk are SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) type.

Because CCTV hard disk are intended to run continuously for long duration’s, they are of a superior quality as compared to the ordinary ones used in computers.

Factors to consider when choosing a Hard Disk for your CCTV System.

  • The number of days that you want to keep the recording
  • The number of cameras you intend to have on your system
  • Type of cameras to be installed (High Definition or HD cameras require more storage space)
  • Number of frames per second that you will record at.

CCTV Camera Power Supply Unit

CCTV Power Supply Unit

For a CCTV camera to function, it must be supplied with DC power.

This is the work of the power supply unit.

There are different types of power supply available and the choice will be determined by the type and the number of cameras in a system.

A CCTV camera can be supplied with power on its own, or it can be supplied from a central point.

DC Power Connectors

CCTV Power supply connectors

The DC Power connectors are used to connect the camera to the power source
This connector is supplied as either male or female connector.

CCTV Installation Cable

CCTV Installation cable Notice the power cable is attached to the coaxial cable
The red and black power cable supplies power to the camera

CCTV cameras requires a special cable to transmit the signal from the camera with minimum signal losses.

A standard cable that is used for this function is the RG59 CABLE, also known as the siamese cable.

This special cable is specially made for CCTV installation.

It comprises of A coaxial cable which is attached to a power conductor cable.
The coaxial cable is for signal transfer, it comprises a thin copper conductor surrounded by a thick plastic sheath,which is then surrounded by a mesh braid of a copper conductor.

This braid help to reduce interference to the signal.
The attached power cable comprises of two insulated copper conductor, and is used to supply the camera with power in a case where a central power supply is used for the CCTV system.

BNC Cable Connectors For CCTV Installation

CCTV BNC Connectors

The BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connector is a special Radio Frequency signal (RF Signal) connectors made for quick connection of
coaxial cables.

They are used to connect the coaxial cable to the camera and the DVR.
The BNC connectors are usually supplied in two versions for 50 Ohms and for 75 Ohms Coaxial cable.

Termination Boxes

Termination boxes are plastic or metallic enclosure used to enclose the cable termination connectors near the CCTV camera during CCTV installation.

The enclosure help to prevent the connectors from moisture, physical damage, and also make the installation work more neat and organised
by housing together all the loose cables.

Also, In a case where a power supply is mounted near the camera, it is used to house the power supply unit.

Cable Clips/ Conduits / flexible conduits.

CCTV cable clips and conduits

When running a CCTV Cable, There has to be a means of holding the cable to the wall or else the cable will hang loosely which will make
work unappealing, and will also make the installation suseptible to vandals
For this reason, cable clips, also known as tower clips can be used to attach the cable on the wall.
Other methond that can be employed include using conduits. This can be fixed externally, or can be put under conclete during
the house construction.
If however the camera is installed in an ackward hard to reach place, a flexible conduit can also be used.

Display Monitor Unit

CCTV display unit

In order to view either the live footage or the recorded footage from a CCTV system, It must be connected to a display monitor unit.

A display monitor unit used can either be a small monitor or a big display unit depending on the size of the system.

For networked CCTV systems, the footage can also be viewed on mobile devices and computers.

Power Backup System for Uninterruptible operation.

power backup system for CCTV systems

If you have a problem with power interruptions, you may consider a power backup for your CCTV system.

A power backup ensures you have a continuous monitoring even during power outages.

However, when purchasing the UPS for CCTV system, its wise to consider the time it can run in case of a power outage vs the cost.

Big backup system which can run for several hours of a power outage is expensive and its good to plan accordingly.

Power Source

CCTV installation power supply  outlet

When finding a place to place the CCTV DVR, its good to allocate it near a power source.
This will help to avoid extra charges buying electrical extension cables.

Secure Housing For DVR

CCTV Camera security lock-box

To ensure an extra security for your CCTV system, It is good to house the equipment’s in a metal enclosure which will be under lock at all times.

Although this will mean an extra charge on your budget, it will ensure the DVR is secure against any vandalism.

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