Best CCTV Camera Kenya In 2023

Investing in the best CCTV camera Kenya surveillance system is the best security investment that you can make for your home or businesses.

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Nowadays, CCTV camera in Kenya has become the most effective way of safeguarding properties around the clock.

CCTV in full means (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV is an electronic security surveillance system that works as a combination of several units. This includes the video camera, digital video recorder (DVR), power supply unit, display monitor and connection accessories.

CCTV systems are mainly used for surveillance purposes in homes, businesses, public places, schools, and many other places.

However, they can also be used in other applications like

  • Road & highways, to monitor traffic
  • Public places to monitor people and boost integrity and security
  • shopping malls, for security
  • In supermarkets to check on shoplifters
  • To boost security in high-security installations like prisons
  • In cash points to check on inventory
  • In hospitals for guided special surgery operations
  • Used in industries to check various processes

A good cheap security camera system works by capturing video footage using a camera, then transmitting the data through a cable or wirelessly to a Storage device or a monitoring station.

Basic CCTV Camera in Kenya Installation includes:

  1. Video camera
  2. Digital video recorder (DVR)
  3. Display monitor units
  4. Power supply unit
  5. CCTV Cable
  6. Connectors

we shall dive in each one of this to better understand its functionality and see how each performs its intended function.

CCTV Video camera

cctv camera in kenya video camera

CCTV video camera is used to capture the video images and convert them into electrical pulses which are then transmitted to the encoding and storage unit.

The video camera operates by shooting consecutive shots which are termed as flips per second. A rate of 20 to 30 flips per second is good and will produce a continuous video motion which is good to our eyes.

There are so many different manufacturers of CCTV cameras and each produces each with a set of specifications.

Additions to the basic CCTV camera make it more unique and user-friendly one good example is the addition of light sensors and infrared sensors, which aid the camera to capture in total darkness.

4 cctv package | Areaspy.co.ke

Before buying a camera, this is the feature to consider.

The main features to look in small CCTV Cameras for Home

The picture quality /Camera resolution

This refers to the number of pixels packed in each camera and influences the clarity if the captured image.

Camera range of capture (measured in meters)

This refers to the distance that a CCTV camera can effectively capture clear images.

low light viewing

The cameras with this feature are equipped with special light sensors which help to illuminate in low light aiding capturing of clear images even in total darkness.

Camera protection from the environment elements

Considers Whether a CCTV camera is intended for outdoor or indoor use. choose a model that is rain and sun-protected for use in the open.

Motion Detection Sensors

Motion detection Sensors aids the camera to capture videos when it detects movement in the area of view.

Power requirements

For CCTV cameras to work, they must be powered by a DC power.

Different models require different power requirements.

Your choice should be based on the available power supply unit output voltage.

Means of connection

Depending on the manufacturer, a camera may have a certain type of power and signal connectors which might call for additional special connectors for both power and signal receptors.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

cctv cameras in kenya DVR

A digital video recorder is the heart of a CCTV system. A DVR receives the signal from CCTV camera, encodes, compresses and stores the captured video streams directly into a hard disk.

It also coordinates all the processes of the system.
Therefore it pays Investing in a good DVR to set the pace for an effective CCTV system.

Features of a Good DVR

  • support high capacity harddisk
  • It can record at high resolution
  • Connect to a smartphone for live monitoring
  • Have a USB port for easy external data transfer
  • HDMI cable support for HD video transfer
  • Mouse for easy setup
  • Remote for easy control
  • RJ45 port for internet connection and Software upgrade
  • It must be easy to use and operates

Display monitor Unit

cctv camera in kenya display monitor

A CCTV display monitor is used to show live what is being captured by the cameras.

SECURITY CCTV Monitors come in different types like LCD or LED display. They also come in different sizes like 14,26,32, inches and so on.

To maximize the video output of a CCTV system, a display monitor must be of good resolution quality to match that of the cameras.

It must accept HDMI and VGA inputs from the DVR.

Depending on the type of DVR connected, the display can either show a single, or multi-camera setup.

Features of a Good Display Monitor

  • have a good resolution
  • wide enough to allow multi-view
  • have multi inputs like VGA, HDMI, BNC, RCA
  • Built-in speakers
  • BNC Outputs
  • wall mounting allocation
  • remote control

CCTV Camera Power supply unit

cctv camera in kenya power supply unit

For a CCTV camera to function, it must be powered. this is accomplished by a power supply unit which produces dc power at various current and voltage rating.

A power supply will connect to a normal 240 volts mains supply and output the desired voltage which is usually 12volts DC for many camera models.

Features of a Good CCTV camera power supply

  • It must be able to produce enough power for all the cameras
  • well secured in a metal enclosure

CCTV Connection Cable

cctv camera in kenya cctv cable

A CCTV cable is used to transfer the signal from the camera to the DVR. Its also used to connect the power from the power supply unit to the camera.

CCTV BNC & DC Connectors

The main connectors used in a CCTV installation include BNC Connector, & DC Connector the BNC Connector is used to connect the signal cable while the DC connector is used for the power cable.

CCTV FAQ Frequently Asked Question

How much it cost to install CCTV?

To install CCTV in Kenya, it will cost you from Kenya Shillings 20,000 for a single camera. This might be more depending on where the CCTV camera will be installed.

These factors include,

  • The distance of the camera from the receiver may require an extra cable which amounts to extra cost.
  • Where you want the cameras to be installed. i.e. on a concrete wall, it may require drilling or other surface preparation
  • To secure the DVR one may include a metal enclosure to keep everything under lock and key.
  • One may also include a power backup system to backup in case of mains power failure.

All these factors will increase the cost of installation.

To put everything into the light, these are the requirements for a single camera CCTV installation.

CCTV Camera Installation Cost and Requirements Table (single Camera)

CCTV Camera 2500
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 5500
Media Storage Hard Disk Drive 3500
CCTV Camera DC Power Supply Unit Adapter 2000
DC Jack Connectors & BNC Connectors 400
10 Meters CCTV Cable1000
Termination Box100

CCTV Camera Installation Extras Requirements

  • Display Unit
  • Metal housing to secure the DVR
  • Power Backup systems to ensure you get a continuous recording in case you get a mains power breakdown

TIP: To reduce the cost, we advise using the TV as the primary display unit when doing an installation at home.

What is the best CCTV system for home?

The best CCTV system for home is the one that will provide surveillance to all the areas considered as security sensitive in your home.

This area may include, the main entrance, perimeter fence, the main compound, garage, main gate, living room and so on.

Factors to consider the best CCTV system for home

When choosing the best CCTV system for home, the factors to consider include,

  • Purpose of the CCTV camera
  • External or internal installation
  • CCTV camera range in meters
  • Number of cameras to be installed
  • Wireless or wired CCTV system
  • Night vision
  • Colored vs. Black and white
  • Cost

If you still have difficulty identifying the best CCTV Camera in Kenya, Our technician at Areaspy.com can guide you in identifying the best CCTV system for your home.

Which CCTV DVR is best?

The best CCTV DVR for recording is the one that offers the best experience in terms of customizations and is user-friendly.

Features of the best CCTV DVR

  • It has to be able to record videos at high resolution preferably at 1080P and above
  • Support motion recording
  • It must support loop recording and can comfortably support 24/7 recording
  • Support pan, tilt and zoom function
  • Allow live viewing and playback
  • Support remote access on a Smartphone, tablet or a remote PC
  • Support high capacity hard disk storage
  • It’s easy to use and customize

Best Security CCTV Camera Features to Consider Before Buying

  • Record videos at high resolution
  • The higher the camera resolution, the more clear is the image, and the more details it will hold.
  • Support on motion recording
  • Pan tilt and zoom function
  • Support live viewing and control remotely on Smartphone
  • Support night vision

What is a good cheap security CCTV camera system?

A good cheap security camera system is the one that can be able to provide the basic surveillance support. It does not support a lot of features as Compared to advanced security camera systems.

Basic functionalities of a good cheap security CCTV camera system.

  • Support recording at the normal video quality
  • Offer recording on a hard disk
  • Have night vision support
  • Offer playback to earlier footage while recording

Where can I buy CCTV Camera in Kenya?

You can buy CCTV In Kenya at Areaspy online shop. We offer very high-quality CCTV products and accessories at a very competitive price.
All our products also come with a 1-year warranty.


In today’s world, Investing in remote CCTV camera video surveillance monitoring services is the easiest and most cost-effective way to safeguard your property from intruders.
You will never go wrong with this investment

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