5 Best Spy Camera With Audio

Finding the most suitable best spy camera for your home surveillance is difficult these days.

Many cameras out there; are of low quality and low video quality.

Areaspy has complied a guide for the 5 best home disguised cameras for monitoring your home. 

There are many ingenious modifications on home devices with spy cameras disguised as ordinary everyday objects.

These may include; empty bottles, dolls, radios, bulbs and watches. 

The best home spy cameras should be

  • Inconspicuous,
  • Produce HD video quality,
  • High-quality audio recorder,
  • Big storage and long-lasting

Spy cameras use is not limited to spying agents, but they can also be used at home to monitor your kids, workers and secure your home or belongings from trespassers. 

Areaspy has compiled a list of the 5 best spy cameras for home use hidden in small home appliances. 

1 FM Radio Hidden Spy Camera

The FM Radio Hidden Camera is a (hidden in an FM Radio) spy camera that lets you record 1080p HD videos and audio. 

The surveillance video can be accessed in real-time via a smartphone and tablet.

This device is perfect for home surveillance to monitor your kids and keeping your personal belongings safe. 

FM Radio Hidden Spy Camera Features.

  • Motion-Activated 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Wireless Device: Watch live Remotely on Phone or Tablet
  • Includes Motion-Activated Mode
  • Lens rotate 330 degrees allowing viewing all corners of the room
  • 90-Degree Viewing Angle using the Included Apps
  • Plug-in Device (Unlimited Recording Time) or Battery Device (4 Hours Battery Life)
  • Up to 128GB of Storage Space
  • Date and Time stamp on Video
  • Easy Set-Up

2 Set-Top Box Hidden Spy Camera

This concealed camera comes in a fully functional Set-top-box and is capable of recording more than 120 hrs of continues footage to a 128GB SD card.

The camera streams live HD video directly to a smartphone via app.

This allows you to view real-time surveillance footage from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connected mobile device or PC. 

It is also capable of recording motion-activated footage to an SD Card. 

This spy camera is the ultimate security and home monitoring device, that blends perfectly in your home. 

It has the following features:

  • Streams High-Quality 1080P HD Video
  • Functional Set Top Box
  • iPhone or Android app
  • Also Records to Micro SD (Up to 128GB)
  • Motion Activated Recording Mode
  • AC Powered for 24/7 Operation
  • Time and Date Stamp on Video
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty and Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support

3 Flower Pot Hidden Spy Camera

This hidden camera records videos with date & time-stamped therefore, you will know exactly when an event transpired if you are reviewing the footage.

The camera comes with a standard 64 GB SD card storage.

It also has a rechargeable battery which can last for 30 days while on standby mode. 

The battery needs to be recharged after the camera has recorded 10 hours of motion-activated video. 

This spy camera is motion-activated and saves the footage on an SD card when recording stops. 

It can also be mounted on a lamp-stand

It has the following features;

  • A tiny spy camera inside a flower pot Records crisp, clear video at HD 1080P resolution
  • Only records when motion takes place
  • Up to 90 days of standby battery, 16 hours continuous use
  • View the saved footage using your phone or PC

4 Wall Clock Hidden Camera

A wall clock spy camera is probably one of the most special spy gadgets that you will ever come across.

This Areaspy Wi-Fi wall clock camera is a surveillance solution built into an ordinary wall clock. 

You hang it on the wall and it will be your third eye in your home or office.

It is suitable for home surveillance, especially in the living room. 

This camera has the following features:

  • Quick Set-up through the app Accessing the recorded footage is easy, with an app on phone or tablet. 
  • You can also reduce false alerts using a PIR sensor to detect the activity you need to record
  • Push notifications alert you of any activity right on your smart phone device 
  • Hidden SSID (the camera’s id) makes the camera undetectable on your network
  • The infrared sensors are high power making them ten times better than traditional infrared sensors (only in selected models)
  • You can upgrade by purchasing a memory card up to 128GB giving you hours of recorded video.

5 Light Bulb Hidden Spy Camera

The Panoramic Light Bulb Wi-Fi Hidden Camera has everything you imagine in a spy camera. 

Designed as an ordinary light bulb, it is capable of recording 1080p HD footage. Besides, you can monitor the live feed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. 

It has a 360-degree fish-eye lens that’s perfect for theft or employee surveillance, or for keeping an eye on your loved ones. 

It also comes equipped with full night vision that’s perfect for around-the-clock surveillance.

This camera was used in this instance city-nanny-caught-on-camera-assaulting-a-child

This camera has the following features:

  • Perfect for Surveillance: Home, Office, Entryways.
  • 1080p HD Night-Vision Video and Audio Recording. 
  • Wireless Device: Watch Remotely on Phone, Tablet, or PC Computer.
  • Motion-Activated Email Alerts and Push Notifications.
  • 360 Degree Fish-eye Lens.
  • Includes Night Vision. 
  • Up to 128GB of Storage Space or Record to Computer.
  • Up to 10 Viewers Can Watch Simultaneously.
  • Easy Set Up – Plugs Straight into Light Socket. 
  • Draws Power from Light Socket.


If you are looking for the best camera for your home or office, visit Areaspy online shop at www.areaspy.co.ke

We have a huge collection of the best spy cameras to suit your every application.


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