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The very mention of the word spy conjures up images of controversy. In an era when unlawful hacking and camera access have made many IT specialists and major business owners nervous, it is natural to be sceptical of digital surveillance.

However, like with everything, the usage of phone spy applications may be both ethical and immoral, depending on the situation.

These applications allow you to keep track of incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS messages, and geolocation. These programs are hidden and unnoticed by the user. This program also monitors GPS coordinates, internet activity, and communications from applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Why Use Spyware Apps?

There are several genuine reasons why someone might wish to utilize a spy phone app. These applications may be used to trace a stolen or misplaced phone, monitor your child’s mobile phone activities, or track incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls.

When it comes to selecting such applications, there are a plethora of alternatives available nowadays. Choosing the best phone spy app in Kenya may be a challenging task. We are here to put your mind at ease during the decision-making process.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best spy phone applications on the market, developed by us, as well as offer information about its performance and features.

What Are Phone Spy Apps

Phone spying apps are essentially smartphone monitoring programs that allow you to follow the behaviour of a smartphone device. Input/output calls, text messages and telephone location may be monitored in real-time. These applications are invisible and the end-user does not notice them.

Factors to Consider in a Spy App

When acquiring a spy app, various factors should be considered, which are described in detail below.

Method of Tracking

Some mobile spy apps require you to install a secondary app on your device to track the other mobile phone while others require you to access the other device using a normal browser (web-based interface).


Most android and iPhone mobile tracking applications are sold at a premium. Free mobile spy applications are usually very limited. We encourage you to request for a free trial if acquiring a premium spy app in Kenya.

Rooting / Jailbreaking

The term rooting refers to accessing the core operating system of an android smartphone. The term jailbreaking means the same as rooting but concerning iPhones. Mobile device manufacturers restrict users from rooting and jailbreaking, and if it is done on any device, the warranty is voided.

If a mobile spy app needs to root a phone, it will affect the security aspects of the smartphone and will potentially make it susceptible to external assaults. Please read the confidentiality policy of an app to learn how your data and device is completely secured.

Areaspy Mobile Spy App

Areaspy mobile spy app is a spy app that allows you to:

  • Listen to incoming calls and outgoing calls. View Caller Details with time and date stamp.
  • Check All Incoming and outgoing Messages on WhatsApp with username, time and date stamp.
  • Check All Incoming and outgoing Messages on Facebook Messenger with the user, time and date stamp.
  • Always keep track of the target’s location.
  • It is accompanied by PC software so that you can use your laptop to track the mobile phone
  • Does not require rooting or jailbreaking, keeping the end user’s smartphone secure.

Why acquire Areaspy Mobile Spy App?

  • View location in real-time
  • Easily monitor your kids, employees or spouse
  • Technical support provided free for one year
  • Compatible With Android and iPhone
  • Monitoring is done remotely
  • The purchased pack offered instructions inside on how to use PC monitoring software.



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