Best Nanny Cam In 2021

Choosing the best nanny cam is the best investment gift for your family in 2021.

If you are wondering how you can have peace of mind when you have left your children at home, a nanny cam can be a good answer.

With the increasing number of child mistreatment cases nowadays, It is a wakeup call for parents to enhance their home security to better protect their children.

Truly inhumane treatments affect the positive development of any child.

But how can we prevent these.?

As a parent, it’s your mandate to protect your child and have an upper hand in your child’s upkeep.

Sometimes it’s not all about security.

As a parent, there are a number of issues that will be running in your mind when you’re not at home.

How A Nanny Cam Can Help You As A Parent

Many times you would want to see how your child is doing while you’re away. For example, you might want to see:

  • How your child is feeding,
  • If he is fed on time and in the proper way,
  • The sleeping behaviors,
  • How the diapers are changed,
  • How the child responds to her bathing time
  • If the house help remembered to give her medicine prescription in time, and so on

Even though we can’t always be around to keep a watchful eye on our children every day, there is an answer.

Home Security Nanny Cam

A nanny cam can be there to keep a watchful eye and give you that peace of mind that you really deserve knowing your child is
being taken care of.

Owning A Nanny Cam

The journey of owning a nanny cam can be tough especially if it’s your first time purchasing one.

Secondly, with money being involved, its wise to be well informed to help you choose a nanny cam that can work perfectly for you and also fits your pocket.

To help you understand this further, I shall answer some of the commonly asked questions about nanny cams.

Nanny cams Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some of the Nanny Cams Commonly asked Questions.

What is a nanny cam

A nanny cam is a small spy camera that is built in the normal household items for disguise.
It got its name from its use in recording nannies or house helps
and their interaction with small children with which they are entrusted.

What is the use of a nanny cam

A nanny cam is used to record secret video and audio of all activities in the home environment.

This can include but not limited to

  • the living rooms,
  • In the children bedrooms,
  • playrooms for children,
  • children feeding areas,
  • In the kitchen,

and in any other area, you may deem necessary.

Where do I place a nanny cam

A nanny cam can be placed anywhere from the living room, to the children’s bedroom and even their playroom.
This will help you always monitor your children and always be on the know.

Which is the best nanny cam?

The best nanny cam can be defined as the one that best fits in the environment of home and specifically where it’s supposed to record.

However, When choosing the best nanny cam, its worth noting that what works for a certain person might not work for you.

Therefore it’s a good idea to choose a camera based on your own personal requirements with where you’re placing to monitor as the key factor.

Further, Its good to note that Each nanny cam has its own unique features. These features dictate the environment where the device will
work perfectly.

To help you make a good choice, I have compiled a list of

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Nanny Camera.

In the table below, shall compare them side by side to help you make an informed decision

Main factors to consider when choosing a nanny cam

  • camera resolution
  • Internet connectivity
  • Ability to view on a mobile device
  • Motion detection
  • Audio Recording
  • Power Source
  • Memory card support
  • Price

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution refers to the clarity of a captured video image.

Resolution is measured in pixels. which are usually denoted as (MP) for Million Pixels or just simply Mega Pixel.

Moreover, the higher the pixels the higher the resolution, and the clearer the image will be.

Nowadays a camera with a resolution of 720 Pixels can be considered good for normal recording.

However if someone requires a video with more details, then a camera with a high resolution can be recommended.

A camera with a resolution of 1080 Pixels can be good for this application. It will capture video images at High Definition (HD)

Internet Connectivity

If you want to view the camera footage remotely, you would consider a camera that is designed to connect to the internet.

Choose the device depending on the available internet connection.

Nanny cameras can be connected to the internet either through
wireless means, or the hard-wired method.

Ability To View on a Mobile Device

For ease of use, many cameras that connect to the internet also support mobile apps. The help to configure the camera and access the live video footage.

In order to access the video footage on a mobile device a user downloads a mobile app and then configures the camera settings.

The configuration is fast and is enhanced by the step by step
guide on the app interface.

Many cameras support apps from both android or apple app store.
Once installed the user can enjoy live video footage from anywhere in the world provided the mobile device is connected to the internet.

Motion detection Recording

If a nanny camera is said to have motion detection, it means that when this feature is enabled, the camera will record videos only when there is movement in front of the camera lens.

This is a smart way of video recording and will save on memory space if one is recording on a memory card.

Nanny Cam E-Mail Alert Feature

Moreover, with further settings, the nanny cam can be set to send an email to a specified address once movement is detected.

One can then login to the mobile app and see the cause of the movement.

If you notice anything that entails taking further action, you can either record video footage on the phone or take a screenshot.

You can even notify the authorities in case of a house breakage.

Audio Recording

In addition to video footage, the addition of audio makes it more meaningful.

Its, therefore, a good consideration if you are planning to have both. Nanny cams with audio recording will be clearly indicated in the user manual.

However, If you are live monitoring, Nanny Cameras with audio recording tend to be more superior because they can be able to record audio conversations even from a different room.

Power Source

A nanny camera power source can either be from the mains or batteries which can be rechargeable or replaceable.

Mains operated type will record continuously so long as there is power.

The duration of recording for the battery-operated type will depend on the size of the battery for the given model.

Battery Powered Nanny Cam Recording Duration

Most models will last from 2 hours to 8 hours.

The choice will depend on where the camera will be used, or the duration of recording that will be achieved.

To get a clearer image, As an example, if you are choosing a camera for home use, the mains operated one will be a good choice.

However, if you want a camera for recording short business meetings and transactions then a battery-operated type will be the right pick.

Memory card Recording support

when choosing memory storage, memory card storage can be a good choice. It’s ideal for storing video footage, audio, and photos.

A memory card size is measured in Gigabytes denoted by (GB).

So, depending on the size of the recording required, you may choose a memory card from 4GB to 128GB memory capacity.

Top 19 Best Nanny Cam Compared Side By Side

View On
Battery Power SourceMemory
19 AS105-1 HD Table Clock WiFi Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 8,500
18 Areaspy AS105 HD LED Clock Hidden Camera 1.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 8,500
17 Digital Clock Hidden Camera With Night Vision 1.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 8,500
16 Areaspy HD WiFi Table Clock Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 9,000
15 1080p Super Eye Wifi Security Camera 1.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
NO Ksh 8,000
14 Areaspy Air Monitor WIFI Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 9,500
13 AS102 Areaspy Wi-Fi Weather Station Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 10,000
12 Areaspy AS101 Black Box Hidden Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 11,000
11 square black box nanny cam with night vision 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 9,500
10 Areaspy DIY Hidden nanny Cam Module 1.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 7,500
9 AS103 USB Charger Hidden Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 8,500
8 Charger hidden nanny cam 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 10,000
7 Desk Lamp Spy Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 12,500
6 speaker nanny cam 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 11,500
5 Bluetooth speaker with a hidden spy camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 12,500
4 Areaspy HD 1080P Weather Radio Security Wi-Fi Camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 10,500
3 Flower pot hidden camera 1.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 12,000
2 wall clock nanny camera 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 11,500
1 wall clock nanny cam 2.0 MP HD 1080P
High Definition
Ksh 9,500

Price For Nanny Cams

Finally, after taking into consideration the factors above, the choice of a nanny camera will be dictated by its price.

Basically, the more the features, the more pricey the device will be. However a nanny camera in the range of between Ksh 7000 to Ksh 15000. will be ideal for most home security monitoring applications.


The power of securing your family and property is now on your hands.

In this article, We have discussed in detail the importance of nanny cameras and the factors to consider when purchasing one.

Make the right decision and purchase a nanny cam today.

If you require a nanny camera, you can get one from our online shop We have many unique models to choose from.

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