20 Best spy camera in Kenya

Hidden spy cameras in Kenya are used in homes, offices, businesses and many other areas to record secret videos.

They are built in all sort of objects, from flower pots, to phone chargers, or even water bottles. This helps to conceal the camera so that they can blend in just any environment and record without being detected.

They store the recorded footage either in built-in memory, detachable SD Memory card, and some can even store to cloud storage when connected to the internet.

Nowadays there are so many models of spy camera available. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some models even have live viewing capabilities on smartphones or PC.

In this article I have compiled a list of the most amazing objects with real spy camera.

You will be amazed by some of the models, and how good they can really work.

P.S. After reading this, you may need to look around, you might be staring at a spy camera already!

Here is a list of 20 amazing everyday objects that are a real spy camera.

  1. USB phone charger spy camera
  2. Flower pot spy camera
  3. Spy camera wristwatch
  4. Black-Box Spy Camera
  5. Bluetooth speaker Spy camera
  6. Car Key Chain Spy camera
  7. Spy camera Pen
  8. Spy camera Eyeglass
  9. FM radio Spy camera
  10. Air Quality Monitor Spy camera
  11. Spy camera Home Weather Station
  12. Clothe hook Spy camera
  13. Spy Camera Smoke Detector
  14. Alarm clock Spy camera
  15. Wall Clock Spy Camera
  16. coffee cup Spy camera
  17. Spy camera Air Freshener
  18. Water Bottle Spy camera
  19. Clothe Button spy camera
  20. Desk LED lamp Spy camera

USB phone charger spy camera

a spy camera usb charger
best spy cameras in Kenya a spy camera built in a normal phone usb charger. It is used for surveillance activities, and general security in homes and offices.

With the emergence of smartphones, there is certainly a phone charger in almost every household.

This spy USB phone charger cleverly hides a small pinhole camera and records high-quality videos in high definition.

It works like a normal USB charger, and no one will ever know it holds a hidden camera.

Use it anywhere you need to record, in homes, office or use it in your hotel room on your next business trip.

flower pot spy camera

best spy cameras in Kenya a flower pot hidden camera used for surveillance activities on homes and offices

Flower pots are for decoration, they give your house or office that natural feeling.

Now imagine a spy camera in a flower pot. No one will ever suspect this flower pot for a spy camera, while it sits naturally on the table, it records clear High Definition videos.
More so it can connect to any smartphone through wifi network enabling live viewing of video footage from anywhere in the world.

spy camera wristwatch

best spy cameras in Kenya wrist watch spy camera

There is a real spy camera built inside this wristwatch. It records clear videos and audio from the comfort of your hand.

They come in different memory sizes from 4GB, to 32GB capacity.

It can also be used as a secret flash disc to transfer any type of file. This is done through a micro USB port on the side of the watch.

Bluetooth speaker Spy Camera

Portable Bluetooth speaker spy camera
best spy cameras in Kenya spy camera built in a portable Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth portable speakers are very common nowadays. They offer entertainment and portability.

This portable Bluetooth speaker cleverly hides a small camera.

It can record high definition videos, take snapshots, and even record in total darkness. whats more, it connects to wifi network through mobile app.

The camera lens can be rotated around 330 degrees through the app.

This means you can comfortably rotate the lens from a smartphone app, and be able to watch all the corners of a room from anywhere in the world.

Car Key Chain Spy Camera

best spy cameras in Kenya car key chain spy camera

This spy camera is nicely concealed in this car remote. Though not a real working piece, it looks like the original and you can actually mistake it for a real one.

It records clear video and audio, and saves the files into a removable SD memory card. This videos can later be viewed on a computer.

Use it to discreetly record secret videos in cars, business meetings, homes, etc.

Pen Spy Camera

best spy cameras in Kenya spy camera pen

A pen is the most common tool in everyday chores. you will find it in business stores, offices, homes, schools, and many other places.

The spy pen camera cleverly conceals a small pinhole camera that records video and audio in high definition. It is powered by a small rechargeable Li-Ion battery and can last up to two hours of continuous recording on a full charge.

It can be used to write just like a normal pen. Some models also come with an interchangeable ink cartridge.

The operation of the spy camera is simple just press the button on the
top of the pen, and it starts recording automatically.

Spy Camera Eyeglass

best spy cameras in Kenya reading glasses spy camera

Eyeglasses are everywhere. They are worn by all generations, either for fashion or to aid vision for special medical conditions.

This spy eyeglass has a built-in pinhole camera. its so well concealed that you will never tell if it even exists.

It also packs a rechargeable battery that can record videos for up to four hours before it needs a recharge.

It’s perfect for recording outdoor events, business meetings, in office, record lecture classes, you can even use it for hobby example recording on bike riding events, or wear while driving to record activities on the road.

You can then share this fantastic videos on social sites.

FM radio Spy Camera

best spy cameras in Kenya fm radio spy camera

Fm radios are all around us, tune to a local station and you can catch the latest news headlines, weather forecast, traffic updates, etc.

With such an everyday item concealing a hidden camera, no one will ever mistake an FM radio for a spy camera.

In this device, the camera is completely hidden and captures video
in high definition.

The model also comes with rechargeable battery and can record videos up to six hours of full charge.

Plug it in the mains for continuous recording 24/7.

Other nice features include

  • rotatable camera lens up to 330 degrees,
  • on motion recording,
  • removable memory card up to 128GB,
  • High definition video recording.
  • Total control from a smart-phone through app.

Air Quality Monitor Spy Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya Air quality monitor spy camera

In homes, its normally easy to find an air quality monitor in baby rooms, living rooms or bedrooms. It will normally display the percentage of carbon dioxide, humidity, and other harmful gases.

This spy air quality monitor has all those features but in addition, it has a completely concealed HD pinhole camera which records high definition videos and audio.

Rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hours of recording.

Connect to wifi network for remote viewing on a smartphone or personal computer.

You can set the camera to record on motion recording.

All video clips come with date and time stamp so next time when you want to see what happened, you will just search for the date and time and you will be able to access the videos easily.

Videos are stored in a removable memory card up to 128GB

Weather Station Spy Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya weather station spy camera

A modern weather station spy camera. With this wonderful device, you don’t have to go outside your house or office to know how the weather condition.

It allows you to monitor the ambient weather condition of your home or office.

This is displayed in a big easy to read LCD display.

This gadget also features a completely hidden spy camera, which secretly records high-quality HD videos.

What’s more, it also connects to wifi network, and you can view live video footage of your home or office from on smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Clothe Hook Nanny Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya clothe hook spy camera

This special clothe hook looks and functions like the ordinary type.

It hides a secret camera which records video and audio in a room without the occupant noticing.

It has a rechargeable battery that can power the device for about 4 hours of continuous video recording. The device can also be connected directly to power for continuous recording.

Recorded files are stored in an SD memory card.
You can then view or download these files on your personal computer.

Smoke detector Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya smoke detector spy camera

A smoke detector is found in homes and offices, they sound an alarm signal when it detects smoke, helping in early detection of fire.

Now, what about a device that looks like a real smoke detector, but secretly hides a spy camera.

Its mounted in the ceiling just like the normal smoke detectors and will capture and record a panoramic video of the whole room.

Depending on the models, it can either connect to the wifi network or can be the type that records on a memory card.

They are powered directly from the mains, recording hours on end.

They can also carry a rechargeable battery, which can operate the device for several hours.

Camera Alarm clock

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya Table top alarm clock spy camera

This HD spy camera hides behind an Alarm clock.

Since digital alarm clocks are found in almost any household, it makes sense that this small gadget will never raise any suspicion.

It can be powered by rechargeable batteries or can be plugged directly into the mains just like an ordinary alarm clock for 24/7 operation.

It captures videos in HD quality and can either record them in a memory card or transmit them through wifi to a smartphone or personal computer.

Wall-clock Nanny Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya wall-clock spy camera

A wall clock is an important part of every home, office or business, both for decor and time reference.

In addition, this wall-clock packs a high-resolution camera, which perfectly record clips clear videos of a room without attracting any attention.

The video quality is in high definition.

A rechargeable 3000mA battery comfortably powers the hidden camera to record HD videos the whole day.

Connects to wifi network, enabling live view on a smartphone or pc.

It can also be connected through an ethernet cable.

Plug directly to mains for continuous 24/7 operation
Video are recorded on a memory card up to 128GB capacity.

Spy Camera coffee cup

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya coffee cup spy camera

A unique real coffee cup with a hidden camera may seem something out of the ordinary.

Talking of coffee cup, this one looks like the normal coffee takes away cup, but well hidden in the lid is a high definition spy camera.

This camera can be applicable in meetings, workplaces or schools where walking around with a cup of coffee looks just normal.

The camera comes with a rechargeable battery and can record videos of up to 3 hours on a full charge. Videos are stored in a memory card up to 64GB.

It’s extremely easy to operate this spy camera. When you want to start recording, just place the cup on top of your cup, press the well-hidden button, and it starts recording automatically.

Air Freshener Nanny Camera

best spy camera in Kenya
best spy cameras in Kenya air freshener nanny spy camera

Nothing refreshes a room better than an automatic air freshener.

I just hang on that wall doing what it does best. releasing those refreshing sprays.
This real looking device, is more than the ordinary air freshener. Well, hidden inside is a high definition camera, recording all the activities of a room.

It connects to wifi network and can be configured in a smartphone or personal computer for remote viewing from anywhere in the world.

This hidden spy camera is perfect for homes and offices.
The camera records videos 24/7 since automatic air fresheners are always plugged on power.

You can also insert a memory card in a well-hidden slot and always have video backup just in case you want to see what happened when you are not around.

Water Bottle Spy Camera

best spy camera in Kenya water bottle hidden camera
best spy cameras in Kenya water bottle spy camera

A small spy camera concealed in what looks like a normal water bottle. It looks so normal no one will ever suspect it for a hidden camera.

Since a water bottle is a common everyday item, this spy camera can be used literally in every situation. It can be used in homes, offices, businesses, or just normal walk-around,etc.

Clothe Button

best spy camera in Kenya button camera
best spy cameras in Kenya button spy camera

This small gadget is a button spy camera. Though not a real button, It can be worn in a coat, shirt, or a normal raincoat.

It records clear videos and audio.

Its powered by a small rechargeable battery, and this can power the device for two hours on a full charge.

Operation is simple through one single button operation.

It can be applied for recording in meetings, walk around recording, office interviews etc

LED Desk lamp

best spy camera in Kenya built in a modern LED table lamp
best spy cameras in Kenya table lamp with built in spy camera. Records videos in HD. Lens can rotate 330 degrees

This desk led lamp looks and functions like a normal modern table lamp.

It, however, have a hidden pinhole camera that captures videos in high resolution.

What’s more, camera lens can be rotated around 330 degrees.

It’s powered directly from the mains and can record video footage 24/7.

Connect it to the home or office wifi and you can watch live video footage on smartphone or pc.

Records to a memory card up to 128GB. The lamp can work in multiple colors, which is adjusted right on the app to suit the theme of your room


Each of the spy gadget mentioned above will have different attributes, and each will serve a different function in any given application.

The list above will help you to know what to expect when you’re shopping for a spy camera.

Worth noting, Buying a spy camera is a great investment to safeguard you, your property, and your loved ones. Give it a go!

You can check An amazing real life application of nanny camera in Kenya https://www.cnyakundi.com/hidden-nanny-cam-exposes-what-kenyan-housegirls-do-when-their-employers-are-away/

Do you have any unique model that you think we can add to this list?

I would be glad if you would share in the comments section.


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